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We choose our vehicles carefully – not only do they represent the company, they are also transporting precious passengers and cargo. BarnaBUS’ vehicles are strictly maintained to manufacturer’s schedule and are inspected by Transport Department every 6 months. We maintain our vehicles to a very high standard to ensure safety, reliability and comfort. We also have a luggage trailer for additional capacity and provide child or booster seats at no extra cost.

We also have access through our trusted affiliates to other vehicles, such as corporate cars (most modern European makes/models), vintage VW kombis, full size coaches. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs, we are here to help!

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Mercedes-Benz MPV (6 pax) 

The Mercedes Valente MPV is built on MB’s Vito platform, with the ride comfort and qualities you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz. This particular van features second and third rows of beautiful leather seats that face each other, perfect for an “onboard conference”. Although it can handle 8 passengers, this vehicle is ideal for corporate groups up to 6 passengers, as well as the family or group airport transfer.

Travel like a rock star: we can also organise multiple black MB vans to make your entourage look really important.

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VW corporate minicoach (13 pax)

Our VW corporate minicoach is a uniquely configured vehicle in the market. At 7m long, it is the same length as a typical 21-seat minibus, but we have opted for 13 passenger seats plus its own luggage capacity. Its 1.9m interior height means passengers can stand up and walk through the interior.

This minicoach has been the pick of many bridal parties for its ability to transport the whole party plus photographer, make-up artists etc. It is also popular with corporate clients on site visits etc.

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Fuso Rosa minibus (24 pax)

The ever-dependable Rosa minibus is the nimble city run-about that’s been popular with schools and tour groups. The smaller dimension of this minibus means it can squeeze through tight narrow streets, enter small hotel driveways and go places where larger buses may struggle. With the use of a luggage trailer, it makes this minibus an ideal vehicle for any camps or airport transfer.

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Tour Coach: midi range (33 pax)

The midi tour coach is in every way the same as a full size tour coach, except for its shorter length. At 8.5-9.0m, these coaches carry 33 adult passengers and their luggage. The full air suspension will ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable. Get a great view with the wide panoramic glass and high floor deck.

The midi tour coach is popular with corporate groups and school groups that require transport for 1 class. These coaches are also popular with tour groups that want a little bit more space.

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Tour Coach: Full size (57 pax+)

Our full size coaches are all modern vehicles with the latest equipment to ensure your trip is comfortable and safe. Their versatility has made them popular with all kinds of groups: school excursions/camp, corporate outings, tour groups, or if you simply need to move a large group of people from A to B.

Our coaches are all equipped with underbody luggage bins, starting from 57 seats. We also have access to ‘stretch’ coaches (up to 83 seats), and long distance coaches equipped with rest rooms.

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