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Minibus charter for Brisbane

Beginning 25 June: Bus is no longer stopping at Sunnybank
New times: City 08:20, Garden City 08:35, Return 12:40

Church bus is running MORNING SERVICE only until 16/7

*Please register below, or the bus may skip your stop! Bus will not wait for late passengers*


After JUST fellowship the bus runs through the CBD to the Northern suburbs to drop members home. Please contact your JUST representative for more details.



We have 3 pickup points:

Stop1: Brisbane City: 91 Ann St, Brisbane. 08:20
Stop2: Garden City: “Kiss n Ride” public pickup/dropoff zone for Busway (Macgregor St, Garden City side). 08:35

There is no need to shout “有落” at BCAC 😀

Please be punctual – and you must REGISTER before 8pm every Saturday. Times shown are Departure Times. To register, please use the form below:

(Uni semesters only:)
After service bus to Garden City only departs at 12:40

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BCAC Sunday Shuttle Bus

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