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Happy 2016 !!

Barnabus has been on the road for 3 years now and feeling tremendously grateful for the friends made and thankful to be able to continue doing what we love. Business start ups can be a risk, but once the business is established, one must continually work hard to maintain the integrity and the heart of what makes it special.

Alex’s dream has always involved cars or driving large cars. It’s not subtle, looking at his CV with a degree in mechanical engineering, and then working in the aftermarket performance industry for cars, before moving into railway engineering. Finally, considering an offhand remark from a friend, he decided to make the leap into creating his own transport service. A psychodynamic psychotherapist might say his preoccupation with large vehicles is his way of working out issues relating to his slight frame. But more than likely, Alex is perfectly satisfied with his physique and he’s living out every young boy’s childhood dream of manoeuvring powerful engines.

Next, rope in a friend who also shares the same childhood dream and love of cars- James, a former pharmacist and 9-5 employee with a free spirit, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm to boot, and voila. We’re in business. Thus began the exciting journey and life of Barnabus, and the opportunity to grow into our identity as a company, and having the privilege to meet many interesting people along the way – from travelling families to military personnel to sports groups, to BBC film crews, and music groups like Mumford and Sons and more.

Here’s to a fresh new year of more travels, more friends, and more stories!

 F.Chan (My Wife)


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