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SEQ: nicest corner of the globe

Alex: “If I could choose anywhere to live, it would have to be Tweed Heads”

Tweed Heads is town built on the Tweed River. Technically it belongs on the Northern New South Wales Pacific Coast, where the River meets the sea – however the state border runs through the city. Although most locals would not pay a lot of attention to it, the state border runs between the middle of a road appropriately named ‘Boundary Street’ – which runs all the way to meet the sea at Point Danger.

A perfect winter sunny day at Point Danger, QLD/NSW

A perfect winter sunny day at Point Danger, QLD/NSW

At Point Danger we also find Captain Cook Memorial. This Memorial sits on the clearly marked state border. Interestingly, so does its public bathroom, with the males relieving themselves in Queensland while the females do their ones and twos in NSW.

Brisbane Day Tour Tweed Heads Point Danger

Point Danger at Tweed Heads – bus parked on QLD side of course!

The QLD-twin of Tweed, Coolangatta runs adjacent to the town. In the summer months, Day Light Saving creates a headache for the locals as Queensland does not have it – therefore the time is one hour ahead once you cross into NSW. In recent years, people relying on automated timezone on their phones have run into trouble where their phone clocks have not synchronised and they wake up an hour late… This is also a place where you could celebrate New Years twice, if you really wanted to.

What do we love about Tweed? We love its size – it’s a big enough town where you find most major shops and services, yet it is not a town choked by population and traffic problems. We love the weather all year round. We love the white beaches, aqua seawater which runs into the horizon under the massive sky which no man-made building has obstructed. Situated 30 min from Gold Coast, and only 1:15 hours from Brisbane, it’s still close enough to the state capital.

So if we had the choice? We would live on the QLD side (so we don’t have the hassle of transferring our buses to NSW and reapplying for our operating permit etc). It’s healthy to have a dream…

Bus on church camp transfer to North Pine Dam

Bus on church camp transfer to North Pine Dam

It’s school holidays! These 2 weeks we’ve been busy with holiday camps and excursion programs, including trips for a special-needs school. What a privilege to spend time with these precious children.

beautiful winter in Brisbane

beautiful winter in Brisbane

We’re really enjoying the winter weather in Brisbane. Our daytime temps average about 22-25C, while it gets to a cool 5-10C at night. We love watching the morning fogs lifting and the late morning sun rays shining on a damp sleepy Brisbane. If you were to ask us, we think this is the best time of the year! (but then we’re not so much summer people)

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