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Busy busy! But everyone is in a good mood?

Lately at BarnaBUS we haven’t had much time to sit around!

The grass is green and the days are getting longer and warmer. People are more cheerful as they look forward to having a few weeks off to spend with loved ones.

A beautiful wedding

2013-11-23 16.49.59

We have been truly blessed to be part of a beautiful wedding recently. Even though it was raining briefly during the day and storming heavily at night, the sun was out for most of the afternoon and with a slight breeze it was an enjoyable afternoon with the wedding party as they went around taking photos. The wedding party loved travelling together with the photographers in the bus – it meant everybody and everything could fit and there was plenty of space. Getting in and out was easy and dresses could be hung and not folded. Nobody bumped their heads in the ceiling.

We have also been part of a number of Christmas Parties. It’s great to see businesses and organisations put work aside for a day and go out and have fellowship with the people they spend most of their work week with. It was great fun and amazingly, no spilt drinks!

Airport – our 2nd home!2013-11-25 15.27.09

With Christmas break just around the corner BarnaBUS has been busy running to/from both Gold Coast and Brisbane International Airports. We would like to thank all our passengers for choosing to travel with us, we have made many new friends. We would like to especially congratulate those who have finished their studies in Australia, and we would like to wish you all the best. Just a reminder, don’t forget to take advantage of our 15% sale off promotion for international students. This doesn’t just include airport transfers, but also day trips and chartered services.


BarnaBUS will be running as usual through the holiday period. Usually around this time taxi’s are harder to find… plan ahead and book with us, we will be there!

Keep going – holidays is just around the corner!


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