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December week 1

Busy buses! 2013-12-06 09.47.36

This week we have been to both airports many times. We have been part of family journeys such as family holidays, we have even been part of special celebrations namely Uni Graduations. We’ve been part of end of year celebrations for others and made new friends along the way. We want to thank our passengers and supporters for their continual encouragement. We will be here through the summer break – plan ahead and let us take care of your transport needs!

The buses had been working tirelessly these few weeks. To give them a break, we brought in help from LTD to take a group of happy accountants for their Christmas Party! It was an interesting day.

2013-12-02 17.23.43Look UP!

We’ve recently removed the rattly plastic panel covering the escape hatch glass and replaced it with a picture of the sky. What do you guys think?

Making friends2013-12-08 11.31.02

We always arrive early at the airport to ensure we are there waiting for you. At the waiting zone this week our Crafter met up with one of its close cousins (born at the same factory!) We made our first Chinese-bus-driver friend and the two of us were comparing our buses. We hope to have these two working together in the future!

2013-11-29 17.40.52Our baby is growing up

Our new marketing manager has almost doubled in size since she started with us. She continues to do well and is enjoying riding in the buses. But it will be a long while before she’s allowed to take the wheel for herself. Probably never.


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