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Beware of the “guy with the car” !

Now that BarnaBUS has been accredited, we just want to give you guys a “heads up” on guys who are offering transport services with their own private cars in exchange for cash.

The Queensland Transport & Main Roads Department is very strict on issuing Operator Accreditation Licenses. We know, because we had to comply with the system! To obtain an Operator Accreditation you must:

  • Show QLD TMR you are a competent Operator
  • All drivers must undergo health, criminal and traffic history checks
  • Obtain an approval from QLD TMR to operate passenger services
  • Vehicles must be registered as “business use” and be subject to QLD TMR inspection every 6 months
  • Have full public liability insurance

As well as QLD TMR rules we also have to be fully registered and operate as an Australian business.

Drivers who offer transport services with their own private vehicles may have good intentions, but without proper registration and approval they are in fact breaking the law. They have not had a health check, criminal and traffic history check by the government. Their vehicles have not been inspected by the authorities since they last “changed owners”.

You wouldn’t just go to anyone to check your teeth right? Same idea here, don’t take the risks!

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